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KopherBit shows EV super brain on Net Zero City Expo lead by DOIT


DOIT promotes net-zero cities and invited KopherBit, originated from ITRI, to display integrated VCU. This technology has already been adopted by several leading E-bus manufacturers in Taiwan.


KopherBit assist OEMs with software development ability and competitiveness


Lack of software development tools often prevents automotive OEMs from orders of recognizable car companies. KopherBit, recognizing this pain point, revealed secret weapons during BusinessNext interview.


Congratulations! KopherBit passes ASPICE level 2 assessment


KopherBit acquires ASPICE level 2, which is one of the important certificates in automotive industry. Thanks to our colleagues, KopherBit aims to get more certificates for quality assurance.  

How KopherBit Works

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KopherBit Milestone

April, 2022

KopherBit Co., Ltd. Founded

April, 2022

May, 2022

KCU GEN1 Launched

EV buses in Taiwan continue operating

May, 2022

Q4, 2023

KopherBit Development Platform

Reduces developing pressure of engineers and improves efficiency of process management

Q4, 2023

Q1, 2025

Launch KCU GEN2 (Expect)

Q1, 2025

KopherBit Solutions

Our future transportation is driven by green energy. Innovators in different fields around the globe try to realize the imagination of various types of transportation. KopherBit is suitable for strategy of small volume, large variety. Through our innovative, convenient and automatic development system, you can embrace the future immediately without spending plenty of time and resources.  


Automotive System Integrator

Automotive software/hardware integrator


Development Platform

The easiest low-code vehicle software development platform


KopherBit KCU

The smartest All in One VCU


Kopher BMS Tester

The automatic battery testing equipment

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