KopherBit BMS Tester

Automatic battery testing equipment

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KopherBit BMS Tester

KopherBit's BMS Tester helps our customers reduce the pressure of battery management. Aside from testing the feature of battery cell and converting it into virtual battery model under different temperature conditions, BMS Tester can also meet your request for different phases of HiL test by combining instant simulation test, battery cell charging equipment and EV vehicle model.

KopherBit Advantages

Simulation Environment and Process

Driving Cycle


Powertrain System Model

Battery Pack, DC-DC Converter, Motor, MotorDrive, PDU, Electrical Load, Vehicle Dynamics

Cell Model

RC equivalent-circuit model

Test Projects


Battery Cell Simulator
Channel amount16ch/single machine, maximum 240ch
Operation modeConstant current/ Constant voltage
Channel power25W
Channel voltage0 ~ 5V (Maximum 240 cells series)
Voltage output accuracy± (0.02% of F.S.)
Channel current1mA ~ 5A (Two-way design, maximum 2 cells parallel)
Current output accuracy± (0.02% of F.S.)
Malfunction protectionOVP、UVP、OCP、OTP
Battery Pack Voltage Simulator
Channel amount0 ~ 3ch
Channel voltage0 ~ 1000V
Channel current0 ~ 60mA
Battery Pack Current Simulator
Channel amount1ch
Channel voltage6V
Channel current±600A
Battery Cell Feature Testing and Modeling System
Voltage range of cells test0~5V
Test mode of cells charge/dischargeCCC、CCD、CCCVC、CCCVD、CPC、CPD、CPCVC、CPCVD
RC amount of cell modeling1 ~ 5RC
Vehicle Model Instant Simulation
Communication SimulationCAN、CANFD、LIN、100/1000BASE-T/T1
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