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KopherBit Development Platform

KDP is a unified development platform which aims at assisting customers to accomplish ECU development in one-stop. Different from previous co-work model, there is no need to divide developers into several platforms. In contrast, developers could utilize KopherSAR software / tools, KITE toolchain, and HiL for virtual validation in one unified platform, KDP. You only need to enter KDP environment to execute your ECU and automotive software development from coding, programming, validation to adjustment conveniently.

Modules included in Essential Package,Modules can be selected or customized

Software BSW
CAN InterfaceCanIfStandardized interface of CAN network in in-vehicle communication
CAN Network ManagementCanNmManagement and monitoring of CAN network in in-vehicle communication
CAN State ManagerCanSMOne of the bus state manager; monitor the status of the CAN communication system and oversee the connections within the CAN network.
CAN Transport LayerCanTpCAN communication protocol module responsibles for data transportation and reception
TTCAN InterfaceTtcanIfCommunication interface module handles data transmission on the Time-Triggered CAN network
FlexRay AUTOSAR Transport LayerFrArTpFlexRay communication protocol module responsibles for data transportation and reception
FlexRay InterfaceFrIfStandardized interface of FlexRay network in in-vehicle communication
FlexRay ISO Transport LayerFrTpFollowing the ISO standard on the FlexRay network, ensures reliable data transmission, timing synchronization, and error-handling mechanisms
FlexRay Network ManagementFrNmImplementing network management functions in the FlexRay network
FlexRay State ManagerFrSMManaging the status of the FlexRay communication system, tracking and monitoring various states of FlexRay communication
LIN InterfaceLinIfStandardized interface of the Local Interconnect Network (LIN) in in-vehicle communication
LIN State ManagerLinSMManaging the status of LIN communication, monitoring the connection of LIN network and error-handling
LIN Transport LayerLinTpSupport one-time response for physically requested send/receive. The next transportation, such as response or request, can only be arranged after the completeness of of previous transporation
SAE J1939 Diagnostic Communication ManagerJ1939DcmIn managing onboard diagnostic communication, this encompasses the connection of diagnostic tools, transmission of Diagnostic Trouble Code(DTC), and execution of diagnostic services to achieve vehicle diagnosis and maintenance functionalities.
SAE J1939 Network ManagementJ1939NmThe configuration, node control, and network status monitoring of the J1939 communication network.
SAE J1939 Request ManagerJ1939RmHandling and managing data requests within J1939 communication, including collecting, parsing, and responding to requests
SAE J1939 Transport LayerJ1939TpAccomplish reliable, high-speed data transmission and ensure the integrity, timing synchronization, and error-handling mechanism of the data
Vehicle-2-X Basic TransportV2xBtpHandling the basic transmission functions of Vehicle-to-X communication, including data encapsulation, transmission, decapsulation, and communication protocols to support effective communication between vehicles and the external environment
Vehicle-2-X FacilitiesV2xFacDealing with functions of Vehicle-to -X, including location service, vehicle identification, road condition and environment sensor to support vehicle communication and connection in intelligent transportation system
Vehicle-2-X GeoNetworkingV2xGnUsing geographic network technology to achieve geographical location awareness and communication between vehicles for exchanging geographically relevant information
Vehicle-2-X ManagementV2xMThe management of vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication functionalities, encompasses communication interface configuration, communication strategy management, and security management.
Watchdog InterfaceWdgIfImplementing the watchdog mechanism interface, accomplishes monitoring and fault detection functions within the vehicle system, ensuring reliable operation and fault handling.
Watchdog ManagerWdgMUsed for managing and monitoring watchdog functions in vehicle systems, including configuration and monitoring
Diagnostic Communication ManagerDcmManage vehicle diagnostic communication, including connection of diagnostic tools, transportation of Diagnostic Trouble Code(DTC) and execution of diagnosis service
Diagnostic Event ManagerDemUsed for managing and monitoring vehicle diagnostic events, including fault detection, event recording, and alarm management
Diagnostic Log and TraceDltUsed to record and track vehicle diagnostic logs and tracking information, including Diagnostic Trouble Code(DTC), event records, and system status, to facilitate diagnosis and debugging
Diagnostic over IPDoIPVehicle diagnostics are achieved through IP-based communication protocols, allowing diagnostic data to be transmitted over networks and accessed remotely.
COMComThe communication management module is used to handle communication between different software components (SWCs) in vehicle systems, encompassing functions such as message transmission, reception, status monitoring, and communication interfaces.
COM Based TransformerComXfTransformer of COM module, dealing with data transformation and interface adaptation of different communication protocol to accomplish connection and communication between vehicle system
COM ManagerComMManage and coordinate COM components in vehicle system, including message routing, communication allocation and resource allocation
Network Management InterfaceNmProvide standardized interface and functions to allocate, monitor and manage vehicle network including network initialization, node management and fault handling
Large Data COMLdComHandle and manage large data communication, providing high-efficiency data transportation and storage to support treatment and allocation of considerable data in vehicle system
IPDU MultiplexerIpduMIPDU for multiplexing, integrating and packing multiple data from different sources
PDU RouterPduRPuts PDU from source routing to target location based on configuration and allocation rule
[Non-moudle] CAN FD (a feature)CanFdUpgraded version of CAN BUS protocol, and largely improves the efficiency of vehicle communication. The major difference with traditional CAN is the feature of Flexible Data-Rate, FD. When VCU uses CAN FD, it can dynamicly switch to different data rate
UDP Network ManagementUdpNmManage and monitor UDP-based vehicle network communication, inclding connection management, fault detection and resource allocation
Ethernet InterfaceEthIfHandles interface between Ethernet and vehicle system, including functions such as data transportation, network allocation and communication protocol
Ethernet State ManagerEthSMManage and monitor Ethernet status in vehicle system, ex: connection status, fault detection and dealing with change of network topology
Service DiscoverySdService for auto dicovery and identification in vehicle system to accomplish dynamic communication and mutual operability between internal and external components in vehicles
Socket AdaptorSoAdHandles interface adaptation and data transformation between different communication protocol to support communication and connection in vehicle system
Software Cluster ConnectionSwCluCEstablish and manage connection between software clusters in vehicle system, achieving communication and coordination between software components
SOME/IP TransformerSomeIpXfHandles data transformation and interface adaptation to ensure vehicle system to communicate and connect efficiently using SOME/IP protocol
SOME/IP Transport ProtocolSomeIpTpSupports efficient data transportation and communication management based on IP network, supporting communication and connection between vehicle inside and vehicle communication
TCP/IP StackTcpIpTCP/IP network protocol stack, provides connection and communication between vehicle system and external network, including functions such as IP address management, network connection and data transportation
Synchronized Time-Base ManagerStbMCoordinate and synchronize time criterion between different components in vehicle system, ensuring proper execution of time sensibility and coordinating work
Time ServiceTmSupports time management and synchronization in vehicle systems, including timestamp generation, time criteria setup and time synchronization protocol
Time Sync Over CANCanTSynExecute time synchronization through CAN network, achieving time consistency and coordinating operation between different components in vehicle system
Time Sync Over EthernetEthTSynExecute time synchronization through Ethernet network, achieving time consistency and coordinating operation between different components in vehicle system
Time Sync Over FlexRayFrTSynExecute time synchronization through FlexRay network, achieving time consistency and coordinating operation between different components in vehicle system
Key ManagerKeyMGenerate, manage and protect the key in vehicle system, ensuring safety of vehicle system and confidentiality of sensitive data protection
Intrusion Detection System ManagerIdsMMonitor and inspect violation behavior in vehicle system, providing real-time safety monitor and alarm function to protect vehicle from unauthorized access or attack
Crypto DriverCryptoProvides drivers about encryption and decryption, supporting safety functions such as data encryption, identity verification and secure communication in vehicle system
Crypto InterfaceCryIfProvides standardized operation interface, enabling vehicle systems to integrate with different encrypted modules
Crypto Service ManagerCsmManage and coordinate encryption service in vehicle system, including key management, secure strategy implementation and schedule of encryption operation
Secure Onboard CommunicationSecOCAccomplish secure communication interally in vehicle system, including identity verification, encryption communication and tampered protection
Flash EEPROM EmulationFeeSimulate and manage Flash EEOROM in vehicle systems, achieving data read/write and malfuntion management
NVRAM ManagerNvMProvide services about data storage and maintenance, and it is the only interface for Application to access non-volatile data, providing management service about non-volatile data
Memory Abstraction InterfaceMemIfMainly decouple messages which need read/write and dispatch to EEPROM and FLASH
Memory AccessMemAccProvide interface mode based on address as parameter, enabling upper layer to access different storage equipment(such as FLASH, EEPROM, RAM…)
EEPROM AbstractionEaAbstract layer of EEPROM, mainly encapsulate EEPROM driver in/off chip and provide standardized API interface to upper layer
Bulk NvData ManagerBndMCompared to NvM module, BndM can read data directly from flash and avoid RAM mirroring, but the data writing is more complicated
ECU State ManagerEcuMBasic software module that manages ECU status, responsible for initializing and de-initializing OS, SchM, BswM and some basic software driver modules, configuring ECU to SLEEP or SHUTDOWN status and managing awakening incidents on ECU
RTERteRTE provides basic communication service, supporting communication in software components and between software components and basic software modules, and provide access for AUTOSAR software group to basic software modules (including operational system and communication service)
BSW Mode ManagerBswMManage different operational mode of automotive software
BSW Scheduler ModuleSchMSchedule and manage order and priority of task execution in automotive software
Default Error TracerDetDefault error tracker, is used to identify and track error or abnormal situations in automotive software
Function Inhibition ManagerFiMControl and manage activation and prohibition status in automotive software functions
E2E TransformerE2EXfSoftware tool that transform and handle End-to-End protection in in-vehicle communication
XCPXcpVehicle communication protocol, is used to execute exchange and communication of high-speed data between vehicle ECU and diagnostic tool
RAM TestRamTstTest and verify the function and reliability of RAM in vehicle ECU
Flash TestFlsTstTest and verify the function and reliability of Flash in vehicle ECU
Core TestCorTstTest and verify the core functions in vehicle ECU, including the accuracy and stability of processor, memory and communication interface
Bus MirroringMirrorVehicle communication techniques; it can mirror copy data between different communication bus, providing toleration for redundancy and malfunction to enhance the reliability and security of communication
AUTOSAR Run-Time InterfaceArtiStandardized software interface, is used to accomplish communication and interaction between modules in automotive software architecture, to accomplish flexibility, scalability and reusability of system
Hardware BSW
OS (Infineon Tricore 2G)OsContact Us
OS (NXP MPC574X)OsContact Us
OS (TI AM 263X R5F)OsContact Us
OS (Renesas RH850)OsContact Us
OS (NXP S32G Cortex M4)OsContact Us
OS (ST SPC)OsContact Us
BFx LibraryBfxFixed-point number library
BSW Multicore LibraryBmcBasic software multicore library
CRC LibraryCrcCyclic redundancy check library
E2E LibraryE2EProvide End-to-End protection mechanism, aiming at satisfying ASIL D
EFx LibraryEfxExtended mathematical library
IFL LibraryIflInterpolated floating library
IFx LibraryIfxInterpolated fixed point library
MFL LibraryMflFloat math library
MFx LibraryMfxMathematical library
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