KopherBit Development Platform

The easiest low-code vehicle software development platform

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KopherBit Development Platform

KDP is a unified development platform which aims at assisting customers to accomplish ECU development in one-stop. Different from previous co-work model, there is no need to divide developers into several platforms. In contrast, developers could utilize KopherSAR software / tools, KITE toolchain, and HiL for virtual validation in one unified platform, KDP. You only need to enter KDP environment to execute your ECU and automotive software development from coding, programming, validation to adjustment conveniently.

Modules included in Essential Package,Modules can be selected or customized

Porting Service
Target Board Porting-Integrated AUTOSAR into customer's target chip and provide demo project
Standard Developing Module
KCU Gen1 MPC5744Contact Us
KCU Gen2 TC387Contact Us
NXP MPC5744 Eva BoardContact Us
Infineon TC397 Eva Board (KIT_A2G_TC397_3V3_TFT)Contact Us
NXP S32G Eva Board (S32G-VNP-RDB2)Contact Us
TI AM2643X Eva Board (LP-AM263)Contact Us
NXP S32K344 Eva BoardContact Us
NXP S32K144 Eva BoardContact Us
ST SPC Eva BoardContact Us
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