ICT/SIMULINK Instructions

The Release note of ICT User Manual indicates the updated content of each version

You can go to the Console window in MATLAB to check the wrong message, or import projects in S32DS(NXP IDE software) and start to compile, and you can see a clearer explanation of wrong message in Problem window

Please consult Terasoft (MATLAB agent of Taiwan)


Take communication configuration for example. As long as DBC name, message name and signal name do not change, you don’t have to re-allocate the modules. Otherwise you have to adjust.

Not necessary, but we strongly recommend to do so. If the model is modified, it is possible to have bugs. If you would like to create project or integrate old project, please ensure to check Model Setting

No, different version of ICTs cannot coexist on the same computer, because their operation system share the same Product ID.

KCU Test Bench

Yes we do. Contact us if you need it.

Please contact our salesperson to get the user manual

KCU Hardware

Please contact Terasoft to figure out initial solution

KCU Software Sample

Please contact our salesperson.

KCU Communication

This question depends on customer’s customized solution. You can also inquire Terasoft

KopherSAR Bootloader

Except for the modification of programming process needing project, the modification of CAN ID, CAN Baudrate or CAN channel can be done by directly contacting KopherBit. The modification of programming process needs to be handled by creating project, so please contact our salesperson

KopherSAR File Work and Limitation

CANdela Diagnostic Descriptions, CDD, is the database of  diagnostic data, and it is similar to DBC file which is used for CAN message or signal. CDD file is created in “CANdelaStudio” of Vector company, and it can be used in CANoe/CANalyzer for diagnostic service or access and explanation of parameter symbol.

Cited website : https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/145511691
Relevant edit tool : Vector CANdela Studio

Data Base CAN, DBC, is created by Vector company. It is used to describe various node message of single CAN communication. You can develop monitoring and analyzing operation condition of all node messages according to this file.

Cited website:https://kknews.cc/education/83j44lg.html
Relevant edit tool : Vector CANDB++

No, so customers have to keep the existing DBC file properly  

ODX is an ASAM standard based on XML. It is used to describe ECU data related to diagnosis.
Automotive, ECU and suppliers of testing equipment can use unified ODX format to describe and exchange ECU diagnostic data. ODX is designed as an open-to -exchange format, which is the best choice between automotive manufacturers.

Cited website : https://www.vector.com/cn/zh/products/solutions/diagnostic-standards/odx/#c161683
Relevant edit tool : Vector CANdela Studio/Vector ODX Studio

No. Under the condition that several CAN channel exist, each CAN channel needs respective DBC file.

Same DBC file cannot have repeated ID or same message name. DBC file in different CAN channel needs to have different name.

Please select proper DBC edit tool, such as Vector CANDB++

Please select proper DBC edit tool, such as Vector CANDB++

Please select proper DBC edit tool, such as Vector CANDB++

License Instructions and Limitation

No. If you have ant request please contact our salesperson

Please contact our salesperson

One Dongle is limited to one computer. If you need more Dongle, please contact our salesperson

Please ensure that you have installed the WIBU driver (you can click in the tool installation file)

Tutor Instructions

Please contact our salesperson or Terasoft

Please contact our salesperson for detailed information

If you purchase the development package, we will offer one-time tutorial training. If you still have needs, please contact our salesperson.

Programming Instructions

First, ensure that you correctly access bootloader, and that CAN communication is normal

Please make sure that the hardware in use is not occupied by other software; for example, PCAN will be occupied by PCAN-view

Since the programming process is complicated, if you need to modify, it will be considered as customization and needs to be charged

Social Media

KopherBit official Line ID is @kopherbit

No. KopherBit values privacy of each customers, so you can relax and trust us

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