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The Future In Motion

Kopher refers to Kopher wood, which is the core material to make Noah’s Ark. KopherBit was born under the strong wave of EV and formed by a group of fellow workers who are passionate about EV, dedicating to becoming the vital core of green transportation. We originate from Taiwan ITRI, where our knowledge and skills are born and nourished. From cooperating with several domestic companies and enterprises to providing thorough solution service internationally, KopherBit is prepared to mutually realize the blueprint of green vehicle with exceptional partners around the world.  

Start from Taiwan, step to the world. Become the glory of Taiwan in vehicle software!
Assist every partner to take the lead on EV track!

Message from Founders

From powertrain system to vehicle software development, KopherBit founder team started to conceive a change-the-status-quo EV dream nearly a decade ago. This dream put more emphasis on Earth’s and society’s responsibility rather than innovation, and paid more attention on how to support EV supply chain to move forward.

Founding and running a business are not easy, but our founders are fortunate to find a group of like-minded partners. Under the dedication of KopherBit team, we gradually realized our dream, providing a series of vehicle software solutions that can satisfy our customers. No matter it is software, firmware or hardware, KopherBit can confidently propose a corresponding plan to customers.

Now, we put all our efforts to promote the development of EV, enabling more partners to join the green wave. In terms of green transportation, it needs more innovation and courage to try, and we would like to invite everyone to stand at the front line with us. 

KopherBit’s founders would like to lead our partners along with other industry leaders to create an “intelligent-moving” future. We promise to work indefatigably, not only for the prosperity of company, but also for the contribution to the green transportation transformation that everyone pursues for.

The wave of EV and is ongoing, and our mission is to assist our partners to sail immediately. To meet our partners’ needs, KopherBit is dedicated to be an Automotive System Integrator, helping our customers understand and execute solutions that are compliant to AUTOSAR and required by international clients.

No matter which AUTOSAR suppliers you choose, KopherBit helps reduce the burden on EV development engineers, accelerate the process of AUTOSAR service, and improve the developing efficiency and market competitiveness.

Our Mission

First AUTOSAR IP Software Developer
Star Service for Sotware and Hardware Integration

KopherBit team think from the perspectives of customers, providing complete integrated service from software development, hardware integration, software design to toolchain connection. We satisfy our customers by one stop solution.


We can provide corresponding solutions according to customer’s request


One-stop solution enables customers to get thorough service without spending plenty of time and workforce


Our engineers are equipped with abundant experiences, and we can provide professional solutions to customers’ need

Quality Roadmap

AUTOSAR Development Partner since 2023
ISO 9001:2015  |   Certified since 2022

                                1 Certified Lead Auditor

ISO/IEC 27001:2013  |  Certified since 2022
Automotive SPICE  |   Assessed with Capability Level 2 since 2023

                       1 intacs certified Provisional Assessor

ISO 26262:2018  |   Process audit in progress…

                  1 AFSE qualification

                    8 AFSP qualifications

ISO/SAE 21434:2021  |   9 CACSP qualifications
TISAX  |  On the road…
IATF 16949  |   Supplier certified
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