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In this world increasingly driven by software innovation, the software-defined AI-first world is transforming our cognition. Being a software technology pioneer, Wind River delivers intelligent systems for all walks of life to develop, deploy, operate and serve. Nowadays there are billions of products delivered by Wind River, with a broad partner ecosystem. Successful stories include the first real-time operating system on Mars, the world’s first successful 5G data session, and building of one of the largest Open RAN networks.

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The Most Advanced Embedded Linux Platform

An embedded solution assisting you to develop, deploy, and operate on a Linux operating system. Without spending plenty of labor force or teams to maintain the system, Linux helps you update your code base, track and fix defects, apply security patches, avoid technical debt, and customize Linux operating system according to requirements. It includes an integrated artifact repository for share and collaboration between teams.

Wind River Linux Advantages

Several Development Methods

Provide three delivery models for flexibility

Freely AvailableLTSCD
FrequencyBASE release in sync with Yocto ProjectAnnual, with predictable rolling patchesContinuous delivery, updated every 3 weeks
Life Cycle12 months, sync with the community60 months (maximum extension to15 years)

Customized Content Management (CCM) available
3 weeks, until new version release

CCM available
SupportNot availableStandard, under Software License Agreement (SLA)

Advanced options available
Standard, under Software License Agreement (SLA)

Advanced options available
MaintenanceCommunityCommercial, with accumulated patches and backward porting align with SLACommercial, with increment and update align with SLA
Distro (binary)Download from the Wind River website; registration requiredAvailable in sync with corresponding LTS releaseAvailable in sync with corresponding LTS release
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