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In this world increasingly driven by software innovation, the software-defined AI-first world is transforming our cognition. Being a software technology pioneer, Wind River delivers intelligent systems for all walks of life to develop, deploy, operate and serve. Nowadays there are billions of products delivered by Wind River, with a broad partner ecosystem. Successful stories include the first real-time operating system on Mars, the world’s first successful 5G data session, and building of one of the largest Open RAN networks.

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To accelerate the development of software, developers have turned to DevOps and develop both SW and HW simultaneously, and this development process relies on fast iterations for test, feedback, and deployment. Wind River Simics allows developers to have access to any target system at any time, helping collaboration between teams and enabling engineers to develop, test, operate software and even large complex embedded systems.

3 Powerful Way of Simics

Enable CI and DevOps for Embedded Systems

  • Access secure, virtual hardware at any time and place
  • Develop software on an actual system from day 1
  • A fraction of the cost of physical hardware
  • Build products fast and efficient

Make Us of a Digital Twin

  • Simplify and improve complex test, integration and release process
  • Incorporate automation with difficult or expensive physical hardware
  • Add Security to DevOps practice

  • Build, attack, analyze and recreate virtualized environment endless times
  • Test vulnerabilities in a safe and controlled environment
  • Nondestructive
  • 5 Distinct Features

    Chip to system, simulate anything

    7 Optimizable Tasks

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