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In this world increasingly driven by software innovation, the software-defined AI-first world is transforming our cognition. Being a software technology pioneer, Wind River delivers intelligent systems for all walks of life to develop, deploy, operate and serve. Nowadays there are billions of products delivered by Wind River, with a broad partner ecosystem. Successful stories include the first real-time operating system on Mars, the world’s first successful 5G data session, and building of one of the largest Open RAN networks.

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The First and Only Real-time Operating System in the World

The industry’s most trusted and the first real-time operating system supporting application deployment through containers, ensuring the safety and security of mission-critical embedded systems. It is built on an upgradable, proven architecture to rapidly respond to dynamic market change, with modern development approach to ensure stability. VxWorks is the only RTOS supporting C++17, Boost, Rust, Python, pandas, and more development language.

Wind River VxWorks Advantages

Deploy embedded and safety-critical applications with a mature software

For over 30 years, VxWorks has served billions of intelligent devices, machines, and systems successfully, and widely adopted by high precision industry (ex: aviation, military...). From Mars to Earth, from medical infusion pumps to intelligent edge devices, VxWorks has repeatedly applied in innovative solutions by software developer.

Achieve determinism and performance in crucial times

Equipped with hard real-time and determinism, VxWorks satisfies the requirement of specific industry or applications. Multi-certified VxWorks has been successfully applied in more than 600 projects, and it is selected by companies across the globe to ensure their systems can meet the most stringent industry safety regulations.

Adopt modernized RTOS approach to improve development efficiency

Apply the most advanced technology to help enterprises develop embedded system software. Developers can improve efficiency using mainstream programming languages including C++17, Python, Rust and so on, and they can take advantage of the continuous optimizations in VxWorks to support the most advanced processors and SOCs.

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